April 18, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
NCSCSW North Carolina Society for Clinical Social Work http://www.ncscsw.org
NCSA North Carolina Sheriffs' Association http://www.ncsheriffs.org
NCSCA North Carolina School Counselor Association http://www.ncschoolcounselor.org
NCSBA North Carolina School Boards Association http://www.ncsba.org
NCRWA North Carolina Rural Water Association Incorporated http://www.ncrwa.com
NCRMA North Carolina Retail Merchants Association http://www.ncrma.org
NCRLA North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association http://www.ncrla.biz
NCRPA North Carolina Recreation and Park Association http://www.ncrpa.net
NCPTA North Carolina Public Transportation Association http://www.nctransit.org
NCPA North Carolina Psychological Association http://www.ncpsychology.org
NCPA North Carolina Psychiatric Association http://www.ncpsychiatry.org
NCPGA North Carolina Propane Gas Association http://www.ncpga.org
NCPA North Carolina Press Association http://www.ncpress.com
NCPF North Carolina Poultry Federation http://www.ncpoultry.org
NCPC North Carolina Pork Council http://www.ncpork.org
NC-PMA North Carolina Plumbing and Mechanical Association http://www.nc-pma.org
NCPTA North Carolina Physical Therapy Association http://www.ncpt.org
NCPCM North Carolina Petroleum and Convenience Marketers http://www.ncpcm.org
NCPS North Carolina Pediatric Society http://www.ncpeds.org
NCPGA North Carolina Peanut Growers Association http://www.aboutpeanuts.com/index.php?option=com_content&
NCPA North Carolina Payphone Association http://www.apcc.net/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=44
NCOTA North Carolina Occupational Therapy Association http://www.ncota.org
NCNA North Carolina Nurses Association http://www.ncnurses.org
NCNLA North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association http://www.ncnla.com
NCNGA North Carolina National Guard Association http://ncnga.org
NCMA North Carolina Movers Association, Inc http://www.ncmovers.org
NCMS North Carolina Medical Society http://www.ncmedsoc.org
NCMGM North Carolina Medical Group Managers http://www.ncmgm.org
NCMCA North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association http://www.ncmca.com
NCMHI North Carolina Manufactured Housing Institute http://www.ncmhi.com
NCLPNA North Carolina Licensed Practical Nurses Association http://www.nflpn.org/stateEvent.php
NCLHIA North Carolina Licensed Home Inspectors Association http://www.nclhia.com
NCLA North Carolina Library Association http://www.nclaonline.org
NCLM North Carolina League of Municipalities http://www.nclm.org
NCLEOA North Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association http://www.ncleoa.org
NCLTA North Carolina Land Title Association http://www.nclta.org
NCJA North Carolina Jewelers Association http://www.ncjewelers.org
NCICU North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities http://www.ncicu.org
NCHMA North Carolina Hotel and Motel Association http://www.lodgingnc.com
NCHA North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA, Inc.) http://www.ncha.org
NCHA North Carolina Horseshoers Association http://www.ncfarriers.org
NCHBA North Carolina Home Builders Association http://www.nchba.org
NCHCFA North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association http://www.nursinghomesnc.com
NCGA North Carolina Growers Association http://ncgrowers.org
NCGWA North Carolina Ground Water Association http://www.ncgwa.org
NCFDA North Carolina Funeral Directors Association http://www.ncfda.org
NCFA North Carolina Forestry Association http://www.ncforestry.org
NCFAS North Carolina Foot and Ankle Society http://www.ncfootandankle.org
NCFA North Carolina Fisheries Association http://www.ncfish.org
NCFB North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation http://www.ncfb.org
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