July 03, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
SRU Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound http://sru.org
SRE Society of Reliability Engineers http://sre.org
SRS Society of Reproductive Surgeons http://reprodsurgery.org
SRA Society of Research Administrators International http://srainternational.org
SoR Society of Rheology http://rheology.org/sor
SRMC Society of Risk Management Consultants http://srmcsociety.org
SSPI Society of Satellite Professionals International http://sspi.org
SSLI Society of School Librarians International http://societyofschoollibrarians.webs.com
SOS Society of Scribes http://societyofscribes.org
SSLHPE Society of State Directors of Health, Physical Education and Recreation http://thesociety.org
SSLHPE Society of State Leaders of Health and Physical Education http://thesociety.org
SSO Society of Surgical Oncology http://surgonc.org
SSB Society of Systematic Biologists http://systbio.org
STFM Society of Teachers of Family Medicine http://stfm.org
STC Society of Telecommunications Consultants http://stcconsultants.org
SPI Society of the Plastics Industry http://plasticsindustry.org
SPI Society of the Plastics Industry http://plasticsindustry.org
SPI-Midwest Society of the Plastics Industry - Midwest Region http://www.plasticsindustry.org
SPI Society of the Plastics Industry - New England Region http://www.plasticsindustry.org
STR Society of Thoracic Radiology http://thoracicrad.org
STS Society of Thoracic Surgeons http://sts.org
STP Society of Toxicologic Pathologists http://toxpath.org
STP Society of Toxicologic Pathology http://toxpath.org
SOT Society of Toxicology http://toxicology.org
STN Society of Trauma Nurses http://traumanurses.org
STLE Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers http://stle.org
SoUSAFFS Society of United States Air Force Flight Surgeons http://sousaffs.org
SUO-HNS Society of University Otolaryngologists-Head and Neck Surgeons http://suo-aado.org
SUS Society of University Surgeons http://susweb.org
SUU Society of University Urologists http://suunet.org
SUNA Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates http://suna.org
SVC Society of Vacuum Coaters http://svc.org
SVP Society of Vertebrate Paleontology http://vertpaleo.org
SWG Society of Woman Geographers http://iswg.org
SWE Society of Women Engineers http://societyofwomenengineers.swe.org
SWST Society of Wood Science and Technology http://swst.org
SPA Sociological Practice Association http://www.socpractice.org
SIIA Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) http://www.siia.net
SIIA Software and Information Industry Association http://www.siia.net
SWANH Software Association of New Hampshire http://swanh.org/
SAO Software Association of Oregon http://www.sao.org
SIIA Software Information Industry Association http://siia.net
SEC Softwood Export Council http://softwood.org
SPAC Soil and Plant Analysis Council http://spcouncil.com
SPAC Soil and Plant Analysis Council Inc http://spcouncil.com
SWCS Soil and Water Conservation Society http://swcs.org
SSSA Soil Science Society of America http://soils.org
SEPA Solar Electric Power Association http://solarelectricpower.org
SEIA Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) http://seia.org
SEIA Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) http://seia.org
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