April 21, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
SECSNM Society of Nuclear Medicine - Southeast Chapter http://www.secsnm.org
SECWA Southeastern Carwash Association http://www.secwa.org
SEDA Southeast Desalting Association http://www.southeastdesalting.com
SEDA Southern Equipment Dealers Association http://www.seda-assn.com
SEDA SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Association http://www.equipmentdealers.org
SEDA Safety Equipment Distributors Association http://www.safetycentral.org
SEDC Southern Economic Development Council, Inc. http://www.sedc.org
SEE Southeastern Electric Exchange http://www.theexchange.org
SEE Society for Excellence in Eyecare http://excellenteyesurgery.com
SEE-AL Society of Explosives Engineers - Alabama Chapter http://www.isee.org
SEFA South Eastern Fabricare Association http://www.sefa.org
SEFA Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association http://sefalabs.com
SEG Society of Economic Geologists http://segweb.org
SEG Society of Exploration Geophysicists http://seg.org
SEGD Society for Environmental Graphic Design http://segd.org
SEGFA Southeastern Grain and Feed Association, Inc. http://www.segfa.org
SEGH Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health http://segh.net
SEHFA Southeastern Home Furnishings Association http://www.nhfa.org/Affiliates/SoutheasternHomeFurnishing
SEHSC Silicones Environmental, Health and Safety Council of North America http://sehsc.com
SEHSC Silicones Environmental, Health and Safety Council of North America http://www.sehsc.com
SEIA Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) http://www.seia.org
SEIA Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) http://seia.org
SEIU Service Employees International Union - Michigan State Council http://www.seiumi.org
SEIU Service Employees International Union http://seiu.org
SEIUCSC SEIU California State Council http://www.seiuca.org
SEJ Society of Environmental Journalists http://sej.org
SELA Southeast Lipid Association http://www.lipid.org/about/chapters/sela
SEM Society for Ethnomusicology http://ethnomusicology.org
SEM Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc. http://sem.org
SEMA Southeastern Meat Association http://www.southeasternmeat.com
SEMA Specialty Equipment Market Association http://sema.org
SEMC Southeastern Museums Conference http://www.semcdirect.net
SEMI Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International http://semi.org
SEMPA Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants http://sempa.org
SENPA Southeast Natural Products Association http://www.southeastnpa.org
SENTAC Society for Ear, Nose and Throat Advances in Children http://sentac.org
SEPA Solar Electric Power Association http://solarelectricpower.org
SEPA Southeastern Planetarium Association http://www.sepadomes.org
SEPGA Southeastern Pecan Growers Association http://sepga.com
SEPI Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration http://sepiweb.com
SEPM SEPM - Society for Sedimentary Geology http://sepm.org
SER Society for Ecological Restoration International http://ser.org
SER Society for Epidemiologic Research http://epiresearch.org
SES Society of Eye Surgeons http://iefusa.org
SES Society of Engineering Science http://sesinc.org
SES Society of Eye Surgeons http://www.iefusa.org/soesurgeons.shtml
SES Standards Engineering Society http://ses-standards.org
SESAF Southeastern Society of American Foresters http://www.sesaf.org
SESAUA American Urological Association - Southeastern Section http://sesaua.net
SESC Southeastern Surgical Congress http://cms.sesc.org
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