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4 Reasons Why AI Matters to Associations

AI arrived in 2023, and with it, a dizzying array of stories about what could be and the possible risks. Association executives want to figure out how to integrate AI into daily operations, but sifting through the hype cycle can confuse the most seasoned technologists. Making AI effective for an association begins with mapping to your organization’s strategy.

The reality of AI is that its potential – while all-encompassing – is tied to the future. Making it effective today requires mapping it to business goals. Instead of letting the hype cycle tell you how generative AI, machine learning, and other technologies can work, consider your most significant needs. 

Are you looking to strengthen your education offering? Create more content value for your organization’s members. Strengthen your events? Or perhaps build AI products that you can resell to your members? Let’s examine some potential applications.

1. ) New Products

      It may seem far-fetched, but several associations and networks are considering white-labeling AI products to members. Associations have some of the best information out there when it comes to offering industry or trade-specific data in a reusable, meaningful way. That’s what makes them valuable to their industry. 

      AI models work best off of quality data. Using that data to white-label GPT engines and create unique financial calculators, research repositories, and more makes sense. Do you have numerical data instead of content? No problem; machine learning and analytics are much more mature than generative AI models.

      2.) Streamline Content

          In a similar vein, use your association content to streamline your own offering. Brands like Kia, Air France, and more across the spectrum use generative AI to mine their content and offer their customers streamlined experiences. Now, customers can ask questions using GPT engines to find the information they want most concisely. Associations can provide this same experience to their members.

          Streamlining content can extend to communications and membership content development. Associations can train GPT writers within the association style. Adobe Creative Suite can dramatically increase image and video editing processing times. Generative AI tools can quickly create social media content, from pictures to videos. The possibilities are endless.

          3.) Events

          From event marketing to attendee interaction to intelligence mining, AI offers a variety of possibilities for trade shows and conference organizers. Like other association actions, using AI to address rote or data-centric tasks is an excellent use of AI to strengthen events.

          A few use cases include taking session content and using AI to mine the content. Several of the largest biotechnology companies in the world are already using this solution for biotechnology events. Associations can use AI to personalize suggested event sessions based on a registrant’s interests. Finally, streamlined content tools can help organizers build and deploy conference content rapidly.

          4.) Strengthen Education Offerings

            While most general stories about AI and education have revolved around student use and how to govern it, AI can strengthen teachers’ ability to support educators and their institutions.

            Consider generative AI large language models (LLMs). Organizations can create a bank of live advice based on expert pedagogy. Students can query the LLM and find the information they are seeking. Further, AI can produce post-lesson reports that summarize the classroom dynamics. It can assist teachers in grading work and doing so more accurately in some cases.

            After aligning an AI use case to your strategy, you can explore potential pilots to deploy a solution and measure its impacts on your goals. Attend Association AI Day and learn more about making AI work for your association.

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