November 21, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    CCPA China Clay Producers Association
    ChLA Children's Literature Association
    CALA Chinese American Librarians Association
    CLA-USA Christian Labor Association of the United States of America
    CCC Christian College Consortium
    CMDA Christian Medical & Dental Associations
    CSI Christian Schools International
    CMPA Church Music Publishers Association
    CSLA Church and Synagogue Library Association
    CAA Cigar Association of America, Inc.
    CAMA Civil Aviation Medical Association
    CRMA City and Regional Magazine Association
    CETA Cleaning Equipment Trade Association
    CS Classification Society
    CLAS Clinical Ligand Assay Society
    CGP The Coalition for Government Procurement
    COS Clinical Orthopaedic Society
    CS Coblentz Society
    CUPA-HR College and University Professional Association for Human Resources
    CMAA Cocoa Merchants' Association of America
    CBDNA College Band Directors National Association
    CABMA College Athletic Business Management Association
    CMS College Music Society
    CEA College English Association
    CoSIDA College Sports Information Directors of America
    COVD College of Optometrists in Vision Development
    CTS College Theology Society
    CSCAA College Swimming Coaches Association of America
    CI The Combustion Institute
    CAUS The Color Association of the United States
    CFESA Commercial Food Equipment Service Association
    CCJA Community College Journalism Association
    CMA Communications Marketing Association
    CAGI Compressed Air and Gas Institute
    CSDA Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association
    CGA Concord Grape Association
    CEL Conference on English Leadership
    CG Conductors Guild
    CCJ Conference of Chief Justices
    COSCA Conference of State Court Administrators
    CRWAD Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases
    CCCC Conference on College Composition and Communication
    CORD Congress on Research in Dance
    CLAS Congress of Lung Association Staffs
    CSI Construction Specifications Institute
    CTA Consolidated Tape Association
    CWA Construction Writers Association
    CII Containerization and Intermodal Institute
    CLSA Contact Lens Society of America
    CPB Contractors Pump Bureau


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