December 15, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    MAPI Michigan Allied Poultry Industries
    MFA Michigan Forest Association
    MCPC Michigan Celery Promotion Cooperative
    MFU Michigan Farmers Union
    MMA Michigan Meat Association
    MBC Michigan Bean Commission
    MOC Michigan Onion Committee,1607,7-277-57738_
    MTF Michigan Turfgrass Foundation
    MSG Michigan State Grange
    MFU Minnesota Farmers Union
    MAWG Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers
    MFA Minnesota Food Association
    MAGC Minnesota Agri-Growth Council
    MMSPA Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Association, Inc.
    MFVGA Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association
    MPB Minnesota Pork Board
    MNLA Mississippi Nursery and Landscape Association
    MSPC Mississippi Sweet Potato Council
    MPGA Mississippi Pecan Growers Association
    MDA Missouri Dairy Association
    MCIA The Missouri Crop Improvement Association
    MBC Montana Beef Council
    MECA Montana Electric Cooperatives Association
    MCOC Montana Council of Cooperatives
    MGGA Montana Grain Growers Association
    MFU Montana Farmers Union
    MPPC Montana Pork Producers Council
    MWGA Montana Wool Growers Association
    MSHP Maryland Society of Health System Pharmacists
    MRPA Mississippi Recreation and Parks Association
    MANS Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools
    MCEP Michigan College of Emergency Physicians
    MTC Missouri Travel Council
    MARCA Mid Atlantic Roofing Contractors Association
    MCRA The Midwest Cleaning and Restoration Association
    MWI Maryland Works Inc
    MSPE Maryland Society of Professional Engineers
    MAFP Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians
    MCA Mason Contractors Association of St. Louis
    MCACC American College of Cardiology - Michigan Chapter
    MCA Mechanical Contractors Association
    MS-ACTE Association for Career and Technical Education - Mississippi Chapter
    MRWA Missouri Rural Water Association
    MCCA Missouri Coalition of Children's Agencies
    MCA Montana Chiropractic Association
    MFDA Montana Funeral Directors Association
    MWPA Montana Wood Products Association
    MMH&RV Montana Manufactured Housing and Recreational Vehicle Association
    MBP Monument Builders of Pennsylvania
    MAPGA Professional Golfers Association of America - Middle-Atlantic Section


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