December 14, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    MDHBA Medical-Dental-Hospital Business Associates
    MDIA Maryland Dairy Industry Association
    MDLA Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association
    MDLA Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association
    MDMA Medical Device Manufacturers Association
    MDMA Midwest Direct Marketing Association
    MDNA Machinery Dealers National Association
    MDNC/MDPB Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council/Maine Dairy Promotion Board
    MDO Missouri Dance Organization
    MDPTA Maryland State Parent Teacher Association
    MDRT Million Dollar Round Table
    MDS Michigan Dermatological Society
    MDS Massachusetts Dental Society
    MDS Movement Disorder Society
    MDSA Missouri Deputy Sheriffs' Association
    MDTA Missouri Dump Truckers Association
    MDTC Michigan Defense Trial Counsel
    MDTL Montana Defense Trial Lawyers
    MDTSEA Michigan Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association
    MDTSEA Minnesota Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association
    MDVA Michigan Distributors and Vendors Association
    MDWA The Maryland-Delaware Watermelon Association
    MEA Minnesota Electrical Association
    MEA Marketing Education Association
    MEA Midwest Energy Association
    MEA Maine Education Association
    MEA Mid Atlantic Employers' Association
    MEA Michigan Education Association
    MEAA Master Electricians Association of Alabama
    MEACC Maine Association of Conservation Commissions
    MEAM Municipal Electric Association of Massachusetts
    MEAPA Maine Association of Physician Assistants
    MeASBO Maine ASBO
    MEBA Marine Engineers Beneficial Association
    MEBA Marine Engineers Beneficial Association
    MEC Mississippi Economic Council - The State Chamber of Commerce
    MECA Massachusetts Electrical Contractors Association
    MECA Massachusetts Electrical Contractors Association Inc
    MECA Michigan Electric Cooperative Association
    MECA Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association
    MECA Montana Electric Cooperatives Association
    MECOA Maine Campground Owners Association
    MECUL Maine Credit Union League
    MEDA Montana Equipment Dealers Association
    MEDA Midwest Equipment Dealers Association
    MEDC Missouri Economic Development Council
    MedChi Med Chi, The Maryland State Medical Society
    MEEA Midwest Environmental Enforcement Association


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