Analysis of State of Membership Organization Survey Results


The 2024 State of Membership Survey results are in, and they are telling. In this analysis we take a closer look at a few key points of data to extract additional insights into critical areas such as where work gets done by association professionals and the current status of association initiatives. 

Additionally, how are associations addressing challenges within their industries differently? We compare results from the 2022 survey to the 2024 findings in areas like providing networking and connections and being responsive to the needs of members. We also examine the input on associations’ stated need for and journey to digital transformation and the ways their current systems are performing.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How associations are adapting to meet the needs of their industries and members.

  • Where associations see their progress on a journey to digital transformation.

  • The most current information on hybrid and remote work for association professionals.

  • The status of associations with new initiatives, responsiveness, and providing opportunities.

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