Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can’t remember my password Go to the enter now page and click forgot password link in the upper right corner.
  • If I am entering a website category, how do I upload a physical sample? Your website will be judged online, but we will need you to upload a physical sample of the website. This can be done with screenshots of different pages or really whatever you think best describes your website.
  • I am entering the Social Media category, how do I submit a sample? Your social media presence will be judged online, but we will need you to upload a sample of the posts you want us to specifically judge.
  • What if I plan to enter before the early bird deadline but I don’t think I can upload my entries to the OneDrive by then? Will I still qualify for the early bird rate? Yes, as long as you enter and pay by the early bird deadline, your entry samples can be uploaded after that date so long as they are uploaded by January 10th.
  • I want to enter the Direct Marketing Piece/ Promotion category but my kit contains several pieces. Do I have to enter them all separately? No, a marketing kit can be entered as one piece. Make sure that the cover sheet is attached to all pieces of the kit or that the kit is packaged in one pdf. This also applies to the advertising media kit and exhibitor sales kit categories.
  • My association publishes a magazine 5 times a year, can I still enter the Annual/Quarterly Magazine or Journal category? Yes. Any magazine or journal published bi-weekly, bi-monthly, bi-annually, annually, quarterly, or any other division of a year can be entered under this category. Please only submit ONE magazine per entry. 
  • I want to enter the quarterly magazine category. Do I upload one magazine as a sample to judge or do you need all issues from the year? You should submit whichever issue from the course of the year, you want to be judged. If you would like to enter each issue from the year you can certainly do that, but they would need be treated as separate entries.
  • For our Annual Convention we did three consecutive mailing pieces. Can I submit that as a “package” or is that three different entries? If each piece was part of a unified campaign then it can be entered as a package. If each piece had different target markets, then they should be entered separately. Please compile these into ONE pdf. 
  • I entered online, but I want to provide more information about my entry. How do I do this? The only two things required to enter are your cover sheet and digital sample, however, it is recommended that you also attach a Statement of Purpose to your digital sample. Directions for this can be found on the Rules and Regulations page

Not seeing your question above? Reach out to our team for assistance.