July 02, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
BCAW Bowling Centers Association of Wisconsin http://www.bowlwi.com
BCAO Bowling Centers Association of Ohio http://www.bowlohio.com
BCAM Bowling Centers Association of Michigan http://www.mibowl.net
BCAF Bowling Centers Association of Florida http://bcaf.us/
BSA Boston Society of Architects/AIA Massachusetts http://www.architects.org
BTA Border Trade Alliance http://thebta.org
BSTANY Boot and Shoe Travelers Association of New York http://marketplaceny.com
BMI Book Manufacturers' Institute http://bmibook.org
BISG Book Industry Study Group, Inc. http://bisg.org
BHMC Body and Hoist Manufacturers Committee http://ntea.com/vango/core/committees.aspx?committee=COMMITTEE/BHMC-R
BWI Boating Writers International http://bwi.org
BTAT Boating Trades Association of Texas http://www.btatx.com
BoatUS Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) http://www.boatus.com
BRA Board Retailers Association http://boardretailers.org
BOS Board of Specialty Society http://aaos.org/about/bos.asp
BRPT Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists http://brpt.org
BCSP Board of Certified Safety Professionals http://bcsp.org
BMW MOA BMW Motorcycle Owners of America http://www.bmwmoa.org
BMW CCA BMW Car Club of America http://www.bmwcca.org
BMC BMC - A Foodservice Sales and Marketing Council http://bmcfood.com/site/index.html
BTMA Bluegrass Tourism Marketing Association http://btmaky.org
BCBSA BlueCross BlueShield Association http://bcbs.com
BWFA Blue Water Fishermen's Association http://bwfa-usa.org
BCBSA Blue Cross Blue Shield Association http://bcbs.com
BVA Blinded Veterans Association http://bva.org
BIG Blacks in Government http://www.bignet.org
BTN Black Theatre Network http://blacktheatrenetwork.org
BTA Black Theatre Association http://blacktheatreassociation.org/cms/
BRAG Black Retail Action Group http://bragusa.org
BPA Black Psychiatrists of America http://bpainc.org
BMHA Black Mental Health Alliance http://blackmentalhealth.com
BHFRA Black Hills Forest Resource Association http://bhfra.org
BFF Black Filmmaker Foundation http://dvrepublic.org
BFAA Black Farmers and Agriculturists Association http://bfaa-us.org
BESLA Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association http://besla.org
BEAM Black Educators Alliance of Massachusetts http://beamass.org
BDPA Black Data Processing Associates http://bdpa.org
BDPA Black Data Processing Associates http://bdpa.org
BCA Black Coaches & Administrators http://bcasports.org
BCALA Black Caucus of the American Library Association http://bcala.org
BKR BKR International http://bkr.com
BCOA Bituminous Coal Operators Association http://bcoainc.org
B&CMA Biscuit and Cracker Manufacturers' Association http://thebcma.org
BIO Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) http://bio.org
BIO Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) http://bio.org
BioNJ Biotechnology Council of New Jersey http://www.bionj.org
BAA Biotechnology Association of Alabama http://www.bioalabama.com
BioAlabama Biotechnology Association of Alabama http://bioalabama.com
BPS Biophysical Society http://biophysics.org
BPIA Biopesticide Industry Alliance http://biopesticideindustryalliance.org
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