October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Namesort descending Website
    EPA Educational Paperback Association http://www.edupaperback.org
    EdTA Educational Theatre Association http://schooltheatre.org
    ECNS EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society http://ecnsweb.com
    EIMA EIFS Industry Members Association http://www.eima.com
    ESOAA Eight Sheet Outdoor Advertising Association http://esoaa.com
    EGIA Electric and Gas Industries Association http://www.egia.com
    EA Electric Association http://www.eachicago.org
    ECA Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas http://www.aecc.com
    ECSC Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina http://www.ecsc.org
    EDTA Electric Drive Transportation Association http://electricdrive.org
    ELA Electric League of Arizona http://www.electricleagueofarizona.org
    ELI Electric League of Indiana, Inc. http://www.elinews.org
    ELMK Electric League of Missouri and Kansas http://electricleague.org
    ELPNW Electric League of the Pacific Northwest http://www.electricleague.net
    EPA Electric Power Associations of Mississippi http://www.epaofms.com
    EPRI Electric Power Research Institute http://epri.com
    EPSA Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA) http://epsa.org
    ERCC Electric Reliability Coordinating Council http://electricreliability.org
    ERPS Electric Rocket Propulsion Society http://erps.spacegrant.org/
    ESDA Electric Service Dealers Association http://esdaweb.org
    EUFMC Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference http://eufmc.com
    ECEDHA Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association http://ecedha.org
    EASA Electrical Apparatus Service Association http://easa.com
    ECF Electrical Council of Florida http://ecf-fl.org
    EERA Electrical Equipment Representatives Association http://eera.org
    EGSA Electrical Generating Systems Association http://egsa.org
    EMCWA Electrical Manufacturing and Coil Winding Association http://emcwa.org
    EC ElectriCities of North Carolina http://www.electricities.com
    ELCON Electricity Consumers Resource Council (ELCON) http://elcon.org
    ESA Electricity Storage Association http://electricitystorage.org
    ECA Electrocoat Association http://electrocoat.org
    EAI Electrology Association of Illinois http://electrolysiseai.org
    EANC Electrolysis Association of North Carolina http://electrolysisassociationofnc.net
    ECCMA Electronic Commerce Code Management Association http://eccma.org
    ECIA Electronic Components Industry Association http://eciaonline.org
    EDS Electronic Distribution Show Corporation http://edsconnects.com
    EFTA Electronic Funds Transfer Association http://efta.org
    EICC Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition http://eicc.info
    ERA Electronic Retailing Association http://retailing.org
    ESA Electronic Security Association http://esaweb.org
    ESA Electronic Security Association http://esaweb.org
    ETA Electronic Traders Association http://electran.org
    ETA Electronic Transactions Association http://electran.org
    ERA Electronics Representatives Association http://era.org
    ETA Electronics Technicians Association International http://eta-i.org
    ESDA Electrostatic Discharge Association http://esda.org
    ETA Embroidery Trade Association http://embroiderytrade.org
    EMDRIA EMDR International Association http://emdria.org
    EDPMA Emergency Department Practice Management Association (EDPMA) http://edpma.org
    EMAT Emergency Management Association of Tennessee http://www.emat.org


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