June 30, 2015

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
ECA Engineering Contractors Association http://www.ecaonline.net
ESD Engineering Society of Detroit http://ww2.esd.org/home.htm
EPGAA Enhanced Protective Glass Automotive Association http://epgaa.com
EANGUS Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States http://eangus.org
EWA Enterprise Wireless Alliance http://enterprisewireless.org
EMA Entertainment Merchants Association http://entmerch.org
ESTA Entertainment Services and Technology Association http://www.esta.org
ESA Entertainment Software Association (ESA) http://theesa.com
ESA Entomological Society of America http://entsoc.org
EO Entrepreneurs' Organization http://eonetwork.org
EMA Envelope Manufacturers Association http://envelope.org
EMA Envelope Manufacturers Association http://envelope.org
EESI Environmental and Energy Study Institute http://eesi.org
EEGS Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society http://eegs.org
EWRI Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers http://asce.org/ewri
EAA Environmental Assessment Association http://eaa-assoc.org
EBA Environmental Bankers Association http://envirobank.org
EBA/NYS Environmental Business Association of New York State http://www.eba-nys.org
ECOS Environmental Council of the States http://ecos.org
ECOS Environmental Council of the States http://ecos.org
EDRA Environmental Design Research Association http://edra.org
EIA Environmental Industry Associations http://environmentalistseveryday.org
EIA Environmental Information Association http://www.eia-usa.org
EMA Environmental Markets Association http://emahq.org
EMS Environmental Mutagen Society http://ems-us.org
EMGS Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society http://emgs-us.org
ETC Environmental Technology Council http://etc.org
EPCOR EPCOR-Electronics Payments Core of Knowledge http://epcor.org
ERA EPDM Roofing Association http://epdmroofs.org
ERA EPDM Roofing Association http://epdmroofs.org
EPS-IA EPS Industry Alliance http://epspackaging.org
EPSMA EPS Molders Association http://www.epsmolders.org
ESP Epsilon Sigma Phi http://espnational.com
EEAC Equal Employment Advisory Council http://eeac.org
ETI Equipment and Tool Institute http://etools.org
ELFA Equipment Leasing and Finance Association http://elfaonline.org
ELFA Equipment Leasing and Finance Association http://elfaonline.org
EMDA Equipment Marketing and Distribution Association http://emda.net
ESA Equipment Service Association http://2esa.org
EAW Escrow Association of Washington http://www.e-a-w.org
ERI Espionage Research Institute http://www.espionageresearch.com
ERII Espionage Research Institute International http://erii.org
ETAD ETAD North America http://etad.com
ECOA Ethics and Compliance Officer Association http://theecoa.org
EOSA Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Association, Inc. http://eosa.org
EUCG EUCG, Inc. http://eucg.org
EABC European-American Business Council http://eabc.org
ECPA Evangelical Christian Publishers Association http://ecpa.org
ECLA Evangelical Church Library Association http://eclalibraries.org
ECFA Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability http://ecfa.org
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