April 17, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
GLGA Great Lakes Graphics Association http://www.piw.org
GLFEA Great Lakes Fabricators and Erectors Association http://www.glfea.org
GLCA The Great Lakes Colleges Association http://www.glca.org
GLC/AAAE The Great Lakes Chapter American Association of Airport Executives http://www.glcaaae.org
GLAO Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists http://www.glao.org
GLA Georgia Library Association http://gla.georgialibraries.org
GITA Geospatial Information Technology Association http://gita.org
GIS Gamma Iota Sigma http://gammaiotasigma.org
GILA Georgia Industrial Loan Association http://www.gaindloanassn.org
GICC Glazing Industry Code Committee http://www.glazingcodes.org
GICA Georgia Independent College Association http://www.georgiacolleges.org
GIADA Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association http://www.giada.org
GIAA Guild of Italian American Actors http://giaa.us
GIA Georgia Industry Association http://www.georgiaindustry.org
GIA Gemological Institute of America http://gia.edu
GIA Gemological Institute of America http://www.gia.edu
GHSA Georgia High School Association http://www.ghsa.net
GHSA Governors' Highway Safety Association http://statehighwaysafety.org
GHSA Governors' Highway Safety Association http://www.statehighwaysafety.org
GHLA Georgia Hotel and Lodging Association http://www.ghla.net
GHFA Georgia Home Furnishings Association http://www.ghfa.com
GHCA Georgia Health Care Association http://www.ghca.info
GHCA Georgia Highway Contractors Association http://www.gahca.com
GHC Global Health Council http://globalhealth.org
GHA Georgia Hospital Association http://www.gha.org
GGIA Georgia Green Industry Association http://www.ggia.org
GGFOA Georgia Government Finance Officers Association http://www.ggfoa.org
GFWC General Federation of Women's Clubs http://gfwc.org
GFWC General Federation of Women's Clubs http://www.gfwc.org
GFVGA Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association http://gfvga.org
GFOAT Government Finance Officers Association of Texas http://www.gfoat.org
GFOA-MO Government Finance Officers Association of Missouri http://gfoa-mo.org
GFOA Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada http://gfoa.org
GFOA Government Finance Officers Association, Federal Liaison Center http://www.gfoa.org
GFNY Grantmakers Forum of New York http://www.grantmakers.org
GFIC Georgia Foundation for Independent Colleges http://www.georgiacolleges.org
GFIA Georgia Food Industry Association http://www.gfia.org
GFDA Georgia Funeral Directors Association http://www.gfda.org
GFB Georgia Farm Bureau Federation http://www.gfb.org
GFAPA GFA Peanut Association http://www.aboutpeanuts.com
GFAI Grain and Feed Association of Illinois http://www.gfai.org
GFA Gasket Fabricators Association http://gasketfab.com
GFA Georgia Forestry Association http://www.gfagrow.org
GeorgiaBev Georgia Beverage Association http://www.georgiabev.org
Geo-nii Geothermal Heat Pump National and International Initiative http://geo-nii.org
GEO Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium http://geoexchange.org
GEMC Georgia Electric Membership Corporation http://www.georgiaemc.com
GEHA Georgia Environmental Health Association http://www.geha-online.org
GEDA Georgia Economic Developers Association http://www.geda.org
GEC Georgia Egg Commission http://www.georgiaeggs.org
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