July 22, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    NHCN New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits http://nhnonprofits.org
    NHCUC New Hampshire College and University Council http://www.nhcuc.org
    NHCUL New Hampshire Credit Union League http://www.nhcul.org
    NHDA New Hampshire Dietetic Association http://www.eatrightnh.org
    NHEMA New Hampshire Educational Media Association http://www.nhema.net
    NHEPC New Hampshire Estate Planning Council http://nhepc.org
    NHF National Hemophilia Foundation http://hemophilia.org
    NHF National Health Federation http://thenhf.com
    NHFA National Home Furnishings Association http://nhfa.org
    NHFBF New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation http://nhfarmbureau.org
    NHFDA New Hampshire Funeral Directors Association http://www.nhfda.org
    NHGA New Hampshire Grocers Association http://www.grocers.org
    NHHA New Hampshire Hospital Association http://nhha.org
    NHHCA New Hampshire Health Care Association http://www.nhhca.org
    NHHRA National Hereford Hog Record Association http://nationalherefordhogassociation.com
    NHHTC New Hampshire High Technology Council http://nhhtc.org
    NHIA National Home Infusion Association http://nhia.org
    NHIA National Home Infusion Association http://nhia.org
    NHITA New Hampshire International Trade Association http://www.nhita.net
    NHL National Hockey League http://nhl.com
    NHL National Hockey League http://nhl.com
    NHLA National Hardwood Lumber Association http://nhla.com
    NHLA Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association http://nvhotels.com
    NHLRA New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association http://www.nhlra.com
    NHLSA New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association http://www.nhlsa.org
    NHMA New Hampshire Municipal Association http://www.nhmunicipal.org
    NHMA National Hispanic Medical Association http://nhmamd.org
    NHMHA New Hampshire Manufactured Housing Association http://www.mhvillage.com/StateAssociations/MHAssociation.php?Key=20
    NHMS New Hampshire Medical Society http://www.nhms.org
    NHMTA New Hampshire Motor Transport Association http://www.nhmta.org
    NHNA New Hampshire Nurses' Association http://www.nhnurses.org
    NHNPA New Hampshire Nurse Practitioners Association http://www.npweb.org
    NHONL New Hampshire Organization of Nurse Leaders http://www.nhonl.org/
    NHPA New Hampshire Pharmacists Association http://www.nhpharmacists.org
    NHPA National Horseshoe Pitchers Association http://horseshoepitching.com
    NHPA New Hampshire Psychological Association http://www.nhpaonline.org
    NHPC National Home Performance Council, Inc. http://nhpci.org
    NHPCO National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization http://nhpco.org
    NHPDA National Honey Packers and Dealers Association http://nhpda.org
    NHPGA New Hampshire Plant Growers Association http://www.nhpga.org
    NHPMA New Hampshire Podiatric Medical Association http://www.apma.org/WorkingForYou/statecomponent.c
    NHPMC New Hampshire Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Association http://www.nhpmc.org
    NHRA National Human Resources Association http://humanresources.org
    NHRMA Northwest Human Resources Management Association http://nhrma.org
    NHSA National Human Services Assembly http://nassembly.org
    NHSA National Head Start Association http://nhsa.org
    NHSAA New Hampshire School Administrators Association http://nhsaa.org
    NHSACA National High School Athletic Coaches Association http://nhsaca.org
    NHSBA New Hampshire School Boards Association http://www.nhsba.org
    NHSCPA New Hampshire Society of Certified Public Accountants http://www.nhscpa.org


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