April 24, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronymsort icon Organization Name Website
NPMA National Pest Management Association http://www.pestworld.org
NPMA Newspaper Purchasing Management Association http://infe.org/npma/newsite/extranet/npma.asp
NPMA National Pest Management Association http://npmapestworld.org
NPMA National Petroleum Management Association http://npma-fuelnet.org
NPMA National Property Management Association http://npma.org
NPMHU National Postal Mail Handlers Union http://npmhu.org
NPMHU National Postal Mail Handlers Union http://www.npmhu.org
NPNFF National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Family http://fcnetwork.org/fatherhood/aboutnpnff.html
NPPA National Press Photographers Association http://nppa.org
NPPA Nebraska Pork Producers Association http://www.nepork.org
NPPC National Pork Producers Association http://nppc.org
NPPC National Pork Producers Council http://nppc.org
NPPC National Postal Policy Council http://postalcouncil.org
NPPC National Postal Policy Council http://www.postalcouncil.org
NPPGA Northern Plains Potato Growers Association http://www.nppga.org
NPPGA Northern Plains Potato Grower Association http://www.nppga.org
NPPS North Pacific Pediatric Society http://www.northpacificpediatricsociety.org
NPRA NPRA (National Petrochemical and Refiners Association) http://www.npra.org
NPRC National Payroll Reporting Consortium http://nprc-inc.org
NPSA National Portable Storage Association http://npsa-us.org
NPSA National Pecan Shellers Association http://ilovepecans.org
NPSOAA National Police and Security Officers Association of America http://npoaa.tripod.com
NPSS IEEE - Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society http://ewh.ieee.org/soc/nps
NPTA NPTA Alliance http://gonpta.com
NPTC National Private Truck Council http://nptc.org
NPWH National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health http://npwh.org
NQA National Quilting Association http://www.nqaquilts.org
NRA Nebraska REALTORS Association http://www.nebraskarealtors.com
NRA National Restaurant Association http://restaurant.org
NRA National Rifle Association of America http://nra.org
NRA National Rehabilitation Association http://nationalrehab.org
NRA Nevada Resort Association http://www.nevadaresorts.org
NRA Nebraska Restaurant Association http://www.nebraska-dining.org
NRA National Renderers Association http://nationalrenderers.org
NRA Nevada Resort Association http://www.nevadaresorts.org
NRAA National Renal Administrators Association http://nraa.org
NRAL National Association for Rehabilitation Leadership http://prosites-nraa.homestead.com/
NRB National Religious Broadcasters http://nrb.org
NRBMLC National Religious Broadcasters, Music License Committee http://nrbmlc.com
NRC National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association, Inc. http://nrcma.org
NRC National Recycling Coalition http://nrcrecycles.org
NRCA National Rehabilitation Counseling Association http://nrca-net.org
NRCA National Roofing Contractors Association http://nrca.net
NRCAT National Religious Campaign Against Torture http://nrcat.org
NRCC National Republican Congressional Committee http://nrcc.org
NRCC National Republican Congressional Committee http://nrcc.org
NRCSA Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association http://www.nrcsa.net
NRDCA National Roof Deck Contractors Association http://nrdca.org
NREA Nebraska Rural Electric Association http://www.nrea.org
NREA National Rural Education Association http://nrea.net
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