April 19, 2014

Acronym Index - Search Results

Acronym Organization Name sort icon Website
PCEA Professional Construction Estimators Association of America http://pcea.org
PCMA Professional Convention Management Association http://pcma.org
PCMA-DC Professional Convention Management Association - Washington DC Chapter http://www.pcma.org/Chapters/Capital-Chapter.htm
PCDA Professional Currency Dealers Association http://pcdaonline.com
PDI Professional Developers of Iowa http://www.pdiowa.com
PEPP Professional Engineers in Private Practice http://nspe.org/InterestGroups/PEPP/index.html
PEC Professional Engineers of Colorado http://www.pec.org
PENC Professional Engineers of North Carolina http://www.penc.org
PEO Professional Engineers of Oregon http://www.oregonengineers.com
PFAC Professional Fiduciary Association of California http://www.pfac-pro.org
PFFA Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona http://www.pffaz.org
PFFMD Professional Fire Fighters of Maryland http://www.pffmd.org
PFFM Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts http://www.pffm.org
PFFU Professional Fire Fighters of Utah http://www.pffu.org
PFANJ Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey http://www.pfanj.org
PFFW Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin http://pffw.org
PFATS Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society http://pfats.com
PFWA Professional Football Writers of America http://pfwa.org
PFA Professional Fraternity Association http://profraternity.org
PGA Professional Golfers Association of America http://www.pga.com
PGA Professional Golfers Association of America http://pga.com
PGA-CT Professional Golfers Association of America - Connecticut Section http://www.ctpga.com
PGAA/GA Professional Golfers Association of America - Georgia http://www.georgiapga.com
PGAA-GS Professional Golfers Association of America - Gulf States Section http://gulfstates.pga.com
PGA-IN Professional Golfers Association of America - Indiana Chapter http://www.indianagolf.org
PGAA/MI Professional Golfers Association of America - Michigan http://michigan.pga.com
PNWPGA Professional Golfers Association of America - Pacific Northwest Section http://www.pnwpga.com
PGA-TN Professional Golfers Association of America - Tennessee Section http://www.golfhousetennessee.com
PGAA-UT Professional Golfers Association of America - Utah http://www.utahpga.com
PGMS Professional Grounds Management Society http://pgms.org
PHA Professional Handlers Association http://phadoghandlers.com
PHMA Professional Housing Management Association http://phma.com
PIAa Professional Independent Agents Association of Ohio, Inc. (PIAA) http://www.ohiopia.com
PIIAC Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado http://www.iiaba.net/CO/default?ContentPreference=CO&ActiveTab=STATE&ActiveState...
PIA WEST Professional Insurance Agents - Western Alliance http://www.piawest.com
PIA Professional Insurance Agents Association of Ohio http://www.ohiopia.com
PIAVA&DC Professional Insurance Agents Association of Virginia and the District of Columbia http://www.piavadc.com
PIACT Professional Insurance Agents Associations of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut http://www.pia.org
PIA Professional Insurance Agents NE IA http://www.pianeia.com
PIAAR Professional Insurance Agents of Arkansas http://www.piaar.com
PIA Professional Insurance Agents of Florida, Inc. http://www.piafl.org
PIAGA Professional Insurance Agents of Georgia http://www.piaga.net
PIAKY Professional Insurance Agents of Kentucky http://www.piaky.org
PIAL Professional Insurance Agents of Louisiana http://www.piaoflouisiana.com
PIA-MS Professional Insurance Agents of Mississippi http://www.piams.com
PIAND Professional Insurance Agents of North Dakota http://www.piand.com
PIA-SC Professional Insurance Agents of South Carolina http://www.piasc.net
PICA Professional Insurance Communicators of America http://pro-ins-coa.org
PIMA Professional Insurance Marketing Association http://pima-assn.org
PLSC Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado http://www.plsc.net
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