October 18, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    WPPC Wyoming Pork Producers Council http://www.wyomingpork.org
    WWOA Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association http://www.wisconsinwoodlands.org
    WCLIB West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau http://www.wclib.org
    WNPA Western National Parks Association http://www.wnpa.org
    WSN Western Society of Naturalists http://www.westsocnat.com/
    WVPS West Virginia Psychiatric Society http://wvpsych.org
    WAEE Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education http://www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/waee
    WEMTA Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association http://www.wemtaonline.org
    WPPA Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association http://www.wppa-online.com
    WHA Wisconsin Holstein Association http://www.wisholsteins.com
    WCA Wisconsin Collectors Association http://wisconsincollectorsassociation.org
    WAFP Wisconsin Association for Food Protection http://www.wifoodprotection.org
    WEDA Wisconsin Economic Development Association http://www.weda.org
    WTA Wisconsin Towing Association http://www.witow.org
    WMMB Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board http://www.eatwisconsincheese.com
    WSEA Wisconsin Society of Enrolled Agents http://wienrolledagents.org
    WPS Wisconsin Psychoanalytic Institute, Society and Foundation http://wisconsinpsa.org
    WACS Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools http://www.wacschools.org
    WSRT Wisconsin Society of Radiologic Technologists http://www.wsrt.net
    WAA Wisconsin Arborist Association http://www.waa-isa.org
    WGDA Wisconsin Glass Association http://www.glass.org/about-chapters.html
    WAML Western Association of Map Libraries http://www.waml.org
    WAA Washington Apartment Association http://waapt.org
    WSAC Washington State Association of Counties http://wacounties.org/wsac
    WAPA The Washington Asphalt Pavement Association http://www.asphaltwa.com
    WAPA Washington Academy of Physician Assistants http://www.wapa.com
    WMSC Wyoming-Montana Safety Council http://safety-council.com
    WCA Wyoming Counseling Association http://www.wyoca.org
    WATE Wyoming Association of Teachers of English http://www.ncte.org/affiliates/list#WY
    WITA Washington International Trade Association http://www.wita.org
    WMTA Washington Music Teachers Association http://wsmta.org
    WVRVA West Virginia Recreational Vehicle Association http://www.rvamerica.com/SchoolHouse/NationalandLocalRVAs
    WVRWA West Virginia Rural Water Association http://www.wvrwa.org
    WWCCA Western Wall and Ceiling Contractors Association http://www.wwcca.org
    WVARF West Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Facilities http://www.wvarf.org
    WVAO-HNS West Virginia Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery http://wvao-hns.org
    WTSA Western Thoracic Surgical Association http://www.westernthoracic.org
    WAMP Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals http://www.mywamp.org
    WIAA Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association http://wiaawi.org
    WIB Wisconsin Independent Businesses http://www.wibiz.org
    WPA The Western Plastics Association http://westernplastics.org
    WWA Wisconsin Water Association http://wiawwa.org
    WAA Wisconsin Auctioneers Association http://www.wisconsinauctioneers.org
    WPGA Wisconsin Propane Gas Association http://wipga.org
    WSANS Washington State Association of Neighborhood Stores http://www.wansonline.com
    WDMA Wisconsin Direct Marketing Association http://www.wdma.org
    WVBA West Virginia Bar Association http://www.wvbarassociation.org
    WCACC American College of Cardiology - Wisconsin Chapter http://wcacc.org
    WMCA Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association http://www.witruck.org
    WHPA Wyoming Highway Patrol Association http://www.wyomingstatetrooper.org


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