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2024 Thompson Grants Industry Briefing: How To Make Your Grant Application Thrive On-Demand Recording

There is a sinking feeling after you’ve put in the effort to apply for a federal grant, only to not be selected for an award. What steps could you have taken to better position your proposal? On March 7th, Thompson Grants hosted an industry briefing allowing grant management professionals to further delve into ways that entities and organizations can make their applications more appealing to reviewers. Three members of Thompson’s Grants Editorial Advisory Board discussed an array of pre-award issues. 

– What common mistakes do applicants make that hinder the chances for award selection?
– What tools — such as logic models — can be used when preparing an application? 
– How can applicants use subaward partnerships to improve the chances of meeting the mission under the grant?

Questions often arise over preparing budgets, understanding agency priorities and determining which unique entity identifier(s) may be required under a federal award notice of funding opportunity. Our expert panel of Advisory Board members covered these topics to assist you in understanding how to respond to the complexities involved in applying for federal financial assistance. By the end of this briefing, you should be able to take some of the lessons learned to develop top-notch award proposals.

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