Advertising Media Kit

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  • EducationalProgram_ABA_Gold

    Educational Program

    Judge’s Comments: The New Lawyer Campaign, a webinar for young lawyers starting their careers, was very impressive. The education campaign targeted a group in need, and provided extremely valuable information to that group. The idea that the webinar was meant as an exclusive perk to association members was good, but offering a limited-time free trial membership to allow more webinar attendees added a lot of value. Equally, if not even more impressive, was the social media campaign directed at already established lawyers. The initiative used many forms of technology to reach the public in different ways throughout the process, and increased engagement by both giving knowledge to the young lawyers and taking knowledge from well-established lawyers. This was a fantastic education initiative, and clearly deserving of first place!

    Entrant Details
    American Bar Association
    New Member Campaign- 30 tips in 30 minutes
    Contact: Robert Henry

  • EducationalProgram_ACA_Silver

    Educational Program

    Judge’s Comments: The Car Care Guide stood out because of how useful it would be to so many people. The book was the perfect size to be stored in a car for reference, and the space at the front and back of the book for notes was exceptional. The idea of providing people not only with expert information about car care, but also with the space to fill in their own custom Car Care Maintenance Log was perfect. The content in the book was extremely well organized, and the style and appearance made it very easy to read. The huge amount of information included was a great realization, and the diagrams and models were very informative. The bullet points and arrows helped ensure that the information was not overwhelming to the reader. The format was excellent, and it is immediately clear why this book would be useful. The cover of the book was very engaging as well!

    Entrant Details
    Auto Care Association in partnership with Car Care Council
    Car Care Guide
    Contact: Gina Lemon

  • EducationalProgram_NRMLA_Bronze

    Educational Program

    Judge’s Comments: This education campaign provides an excellent explanation as to the background of the topic, and relevance to the public. The background information was definitely needed for a topic that many people don’t know much about. Combining a number of different technologies to reach the most people seems as though it would be very effective, and the image of the television commercial, along with the newspaper ad image, are very well designed. The presentation looked very good, which is always important when conveying valuable information. The section on ways the public can help was excellent, because in theory it will help increase engagement, which can then help increase awareness on the topic, which is the primary goal of an education campaign. As the entry states, “Any chance you have to share the campaign messaging will strengthen our ability to educate more consumers.”

    Entrant Details
    National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association
    KickOff! NewReverseMortgage Launches in Three Pilot Markets
    Contact: Darryl Hicks