Advertising Media Kit

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  • 2011 PMA Fresh Magazine Media Kit

    Advertising Media Kit

    Judge’s Comments: Produce Marketing Association: This advertising kit does a great job laying out the rationale for why you should both subscribe and advertise to Fresh Magazine. It hits on the 360 degree view of the publication’s content and readership and demographics in a clear and easily digestible format. They have one of the — if not the best — editorial calendars with clear information on deadlines and content. However, it is important to note that as a quarterly they may have an advantage in this degree. The cost information is clearly laid out for the print section though I wish the digital costs were explained better (i.e. maybe someone doesn’t understand what a “ad-gen” or “ad-jolt” is). I really like that the “take a tour” section leading the reader to the digital version — it is a nice way to limit the content while still giving the opportunity to see more for those who prefer it.

    Entrant Details
    Produce Marketing Association
    2011 PMA Fresh Magazine Media Kit
    Kelly Koczak

    Credited Vendors & Partners
    Ovo Brands, Graphic Design Firm
    Chris Dietrich
    Media, Pennsylvania

  • NFDA's 2011 Media Kit

    Advertising Media Kit

    Judge’s Comments: REALLY good reader information, clear and informative. It also has a great layout which is easy to follow and find and seems to only include the really important and relevant information. It isn’t too text heavy which is helpful. The clear split on each of the two publications and the inclusion of the conference information was clear without being too much.

    Entrant’s Notes

    Our media kit did three exceptional things for the National Funeral Directors Association:

    1. Increased the visibility of the association within the supplier/vendor community.
    2. Helped suppliers and vendors better understand the ways the association helps companies connect with members and show support for the profession.
    3. Helped build suppliers’ and vendors’ interest in new opportunities to market their products and services to association members.

    Entrant Details
    National Funeral Directors Association
    NFDA’s 2011 Media Kit
    Scott High

    Credited Vendors & Partners
    Times Printing, Printer
    Scott Meyer, National Sales Executive

  • LD+A 2011 Media Kit

    Advertising Media Kit

    Judge’s Comments: Incredible pictures and a clean layout give this media kit the “awe factor.”  It’s attractive, edgy, and well-organized.  The media kit has a great editorial calendar–very important for a publication like this.

    Entrant Details
    Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
    LD+A 2011 Media Kit
    Clayton Gordon

2011 PMA Fresh Magazine Media Kit
NFDA's 2011 Media Kit
LD+A 2011 Media Kit