6 Tips for Avoiding Biased Info While Selecting Your Learning Management System


Katrina Baker is an established expert in the learning technology space. Katrina is the owner and principal consultant of Resources of Fun Learning, an L&D publishing and consulting firm.  She has also authored three books: LMS Success, The LMS Selection Checklist, and Corporate Training Tips & Tricks.Selecting an AMS can be a complex process. There are tons of LMS comparison reports on the Internet, and there’s a reason. The people creating them get paid by learning technology vendors who want a shiny badge to put on their platform. A gold star to make them stand out amongst hundreds of other vendors. But, the best learning technology is whatever suits the needs of your organization. And every organization is different. Here are Katrina Baker's 6 tips to avoid biased sources of information while selecting your learning management system (LMS).

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