The Evolution of the Association LMS: 10 Considerations for 2020


Associations have become a resource for career/knowledgebase growth as an alternative to going back to school for a graduate degree. How do associations make sure that their educational offerings best serve their community? That’s where Learning Management Systems come in!

Rich Finstein, CEO at CommPartners, a leading LMS provider in the association space, dives into the LMS’ role in education as it relates to professional development and associations. In this dynamic commentary, you will find ten factors that you should consider when you are either deciding on your organization’s LMS provider or upgrading your current LMS platform.


The ten considerations discussed are:

  1. Community and Learning
  2. Integration of Events
  3. Strategic Positioning of Content
  4. Platform Organization and Taxonomy
  5. Analytics
  6. Personalization
  7. Integration of Certification and Digital Credentialing
  8. Alternative E-Commerce Strategies
  9. Microsites
  10. Working within the Association Ecosystem

This resource was written with 20+ years of experience in the association education space and provides a guide and overview to help you create a successful educational strategy.

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