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Why Your Certification Program Isn’t Growing

Your association set up a certification program to establish the standard of knowledge, skills, and abilities required of professionals in your industry.

As you envisioned your certification program, it would generate revenue, elevate the profession, and advance the careers of professionals in your field.

Marvelous idea. Great vision. It’s certainly worked for other associations.

But perhaps your certification program hasn’t been working – or, at least, it isn’t growing in a way that meets your expectations.

Did your ears just perk up? Yes, we’re talking to you.

So, what’s keeping your certification program from meeting expectations?

In this guide, we dive into common roadblocks to growth and offer specific actions you can take to remedy the situation. We’ll tackle:

  • Relevancy: How to ensure your content meets the needs and interests of your audience.
  • Value: How to assess and communicate your certification program’s return on investment for individuals and employers.
  • Awareness: How to establish the right messaging and expand your reach.
  • Scale: How to determine whether you have the right internal processes and resources to enable growth.

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